Parcel Tracking System

Parcel Tracking System

Package Tracking System allows you to create and store detailed package information, print barcode labels for unmarked packages, and accept electronic delivery signatures. It comes with an optional web tracking viewer that allows recipients to use a package ID to view the routing of their packages online.

Delivery Tracking has never been so easy and so powerful at once. Our Package Tracking System is an extremely simple, effective, and quick-to-implement tool that can help nearly any organization track the receipt, transfer, and delivery of registered mail and packages.


  • Employee Administration (Import from Text file and Active Directory)
  • Location Administration (Import from Text File)
  • Create Container Barcode Labels
  • Use a Mobile Handheld Computer for Receipts, Transfer, Containers, and Deliveries
  • Print, PDF, or Email (via Outlook) Reports
  • Ability to save reports as an xls or xlsx (Excel), rtf, tiff, jpg, png, gif, bmp and other formats
  • Record Package Information (Notes)
  • Print barcode labels for unmarked Packages
  • Accept an electronic Delivery Signatures
  • Auto Email Employee upon Receipt and Delivery


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